┬áIf you’re looking to add a little color to your water feature we have a few options for you.

First off, our greenhouse always has a wide variety of plants for you to choose from. From lilies and creeping jenny, to marsh marigold and queen victoria odds are we’ll have what you’re looking for.

Our other option is to have a plant consultation with our co-owner Recole. She is very secret weapon when it comes to plants. Send her a photo of your pond area and she’ll get back to you with her ideas, a budget, and will even install all the plants as well. Just ask our team for her info if your interested in using this service she offers.

Aquatic plants are not only beautiful, but necessary as well. Plants are an essential part of your ponds ecosystem. Aquatic plants are like regular plants, however instead of being called annuals and perennials they are called tropicals and hardy. Algae is also a plant, so by planting your pond with desirable pond plants you will have less algae as the plants compete for the same nutrients that algae utilizes, and plants have the ability, in the right environment, to out-compete algae.