Pond Plants & Lighting

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Pond Plants & Lighting

Our creativity shines.

Aquatic plants are not only beautiful, but necessary as well. Plants are an essential part of your ponds ecosystem. Aquatic plants are like regular plants, however instead of being called annuals and perennials they are called tropicals and hardy. pond plant ideas professional pondsAlgae is also a plant, so by planting your pond with desirable pond plants you will have less algae as the plants compete for the same nutrients that algae utilizes, and plants have the ability, in the right environment, to out-compete algae.

Lighting is a wonderful addition to any landscaped area, but lighting will make a water feature absolutely stunning. Accent lights will show off displays of plants, make waterfalls glimmer and glow, and add depth and beauty to both water and fish by creating sparkle and shadow play.

Let us recommend lighting and aquatic plants for your water feature, or if you already have an idea of what you want we can install them for you.

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