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We are artists, and our medium is water.

From our initial consultation to the end project result, this by far is the most rewarding of all the services we offer. As we have stated before, we are artists and our medium is water. Whether you want to turn the whole project over to us or be completely involved, we can help you achieve your vision.

By now you have figured out that we create and build works of art. Each pond that we create is unique in its design and construction. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to pond building—we truly believe that we are artists. Just like a painting, we name every project we do. My favorite waterfall I have ever built was titled Buddha Falls. You will see the pictures in the portfolio section. We could not have worked with better clients and you can see from the finished product that we had a lot of fun.

fountainHeadYou will be involved every step of the way, starting with feedback from you from the concept and design stages of the project, to choosing your favorite rock, even to the flow that we put into the falls.

Water is free and pure and it shows when things come together. It is the essence of life and through our work I truly believe we showcase and honor it. These reasons are why we put so much time into research and development of products and partnerships to deliver you clear, healthy water. Too many times we will go out and see a beautifully created work of art painted green with dirty water.

Over the years, we have been field testers for multiple product lines and have found product that quite simply works to deliver on our promise to you of clear water.

One of the biggest steps that you can take to ensure you have clear water is to plant your pond. Recole will sit down with you to talk about what you want and then compile a plant list to highlight your likes as well as areas of the pond. This is a very important part of delivering a finished work of art to you. Without plants, the feature would look hard and have no softness to it. Plants are not only beneficial to your pond they will also soften up the overall look.

Pet Friendly Ponds

Why did the chicken cross the pond?We had just finished installing quite an elaborate filtration system on a pond here in Colorado. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves. I was on one of my bragging trips to the customer about how great Emperor Aquatics is and how they are the only manufacturer in the world who uses the same technology in their end consumer products as they do in their commercial line-up.

I was off in some never-never land not listening to the customer, more concerned that she knew she had the best product available, when it happened she asked me a question: “Shane, does this filtration kill Leptospirosa?”

What? What is she asking? What is leptospirosa? What is she thinking its the best? Not wanting to give misinformation and not wanting to look stupid, I said, “I don’t know and will check into it.” I was really in an uncomfortable situation not knowing really what to say.

AbbyPondShe began to tell me about what leptospirosa is and the damaging effects it can have on the pets around us who we love and adore. There needs to be something we can do if we are going to have ponds that are safe for our pets. I will be honest with you, I was humbled. It’s the first time I have ever spoken about ponds and filtration and been humbled.

I had about a 30 minute conversation with Sheila that day about other things that are damaging to dogs that her vet brought to her attention. She even gave me the name of her vet to call and chat. Well, needless to say, when I left her house I immediately got on the telephone and phoned her vet. When I learn about something or research a new product, I want to have all the answers. I immediately began research on this topic. The vet was kind enough to share exactly things that are seen in ponds that could be dangerous to our beloved pets.

Needless to say, since the beginning conversation with Sheila we have done many months of research with Emperor Aquatics, veterinarians and other water quality experts. We can ensure your water feature is safe for your beloved pets.

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