Custom Filtration


We have been building and designing ponds since 1990 and that is all we do. We are not landscapers where your pond is an afterthought. All we do are ponds and fountains. We can customize filtration to fit any application. From a small garden pond to the largest of lakes, we can ensure your water quality is something you do not have to worry about. We can also add custom filtration to pre-existing ponds, so no need to worry if you have one of those landscaper built ponds that you cannot keep clean.

Filtration is the backbone to any pond, especially if it must support any type of life. All ponds need four basic types of filtration to stay clean, healthy and pet-safe. Bio-Filter, UV filter, bog filter and a skimmer. We are filtration experts and know that every pond is different. Call us today to have us come out and design a custom filtration system for your pond that will ensure you have a clear water guarantee.

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