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Our Resources Industry experts that work with us to bring you the pond of your dreams.
Professional Ponds has full-time teams of employees that will tear down your out-dated water feature, excavate to build a new or improved water feature and design and build the ultimate water feature—to your specifications. professional ponds denver pond removalIn addition to my own employees, I have available to me many experts that specialize in all aspects of water features, such as koi experts Barb Flowers of the Rocky Mountain Koi Club and Taro Kodama of Kodama Koi Farm; Recole and Christy who specialize in water plant garden design, planting and care; filtration expert Adrian Megay of Emperor Aquatics; the experts at Filtrific filtration skimmers and UV filters (we are their only certified installer in the state of Colorado) and pond design, engineering and construction done by myself and if needed, utilizing computer aided design. My team of resources insures that not only will you end up with the water feature of your dreams, but it will be built with the highest quality skills and materials. Our ponds are built to last and by utilizing the most efficient filtration system this means less maintenance for you. return to top of page