Professional Ponds comes to Aspen!

We have been blessed by so many things, being self-employed. Every day it seems there is more to be thankful for. Well, this week was no different. We have traveled all over Colorado to work on ponds and water features and this week took us to Aspen. We have had many inquiries to have Professional Ponds come up to Aspen, so we decided to schedule some estimates and head up. We coupled it with my son’s spring break so we could make it a family trip as well, and when I say family I mean all our family. Yes, we also took Massima and Mr. Squeakers, our two dogs.

Whenever we head up to Aspen, we stay in Glenwood Springs, because it is such a dog-friendly place, with many hiking trails for the “furry” family members and the dogs love the river and play in it like little kids in the pool.

Well the day finally came to head to Aspen. I took the scenic route (Route 82), from Glenwood Springs south into Aspen, and had the privilege to see some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life. The road is dotted with farms and pasture land, where cattle graze and the scenery is as green as can be. It reminded me a lot of the pastures and the farmland I grew up with as a child. As I continued along the road, I was awed by some of the things I have only heard about, but have never seen in person, such as the Maroon Bells, a sight everyone should see in their lifetime. The peaks rise up more than 14,000 feet and are just beautiful to look at. As I was sitting there in awe I could only wonder in amazement what the view would be like from the mountains, something I will definitely have to find out for myself.

As I drove through downtown Aspen, I could not help but wonder who had the vision and the foresight to start a town literally in the mountains. Surrounding the shops was the beauty of the mountains and the landscape scenery that just makes Aspen so incredibly special. As I headed up the mountain for my first estimate, I couldn’t help but realize I that had a smile on my face that I could not get rid of; it probably looked like a tattooed smile to anyone who saw me!

Well, there I was, I had arrived at my first estimate and went to meet my contact around the back of the residence. When I went around I had amazing views of what I had just driven through and the majestic mountains that surrounded the area. I can truly understand why people love the area.

Fast forward to being done with my estimates for the day and getting to drive back down through the countryside, to start the journey all over again. I am truly blessed. As I headed back to Glenwood Springs from Aspen, I noticed a nursery on the way that sells plants and trees. I stopped to ask them if they did ponds, koi ponds and water features and the answer was yes. My day just kept getting better and better, as our company is one of the largest importers of Koi in Colorado. Our beautiful Koi come from the Nigata region in Japan, a very mountainous region where these “living jewels” get to start their life. I was able to carry on a great conversation about bringing our living jewels to the Aspen area.

I want to thank our clients for getting the word out about Professional Ponds, the people of Aspen for being so welcoming, and the owners of the nursery who were so open to our discussion. Who knows, Aspen, we may be bringing some of our “living jewels” up your way. Thank you again for a wonderful journey!

Family Update for 2012

Shane Hastings and family in Mexico

As I am sitting here writing this, I honestly think that this section should be titled Thank You. Thank you to the best customers anyone could ask for, thank you for the caring and understanding and most importantly, thank you for your patience. Some of you may or may not know that the years 2011-2012 were the most challenging years of my personal life as well as my family life, due to a horrible experience with a business partner. What I really learned was that if you open up and talk through things it makes it a whole lot easier. There were many of you who would just pick up the phone and see how we were or what we needed. Those phone calls, emails and texts were priceless to me as well as my family. Thank you! As I sit here writing this I still remember what Dylan said when we told him what was going on. He said, “Dad I don’t know what the big deal is, I still love you.” WOW!

With all of that said we were able to take our family vacation. This is something we have done every year and has become a family tradition. This year, thanks to a lot of you, we were able to go to Mexico. We spent some time in Playa Del Carmen as well as Cancun. It was a great time to get back and just enjoy each other’s company. Something we hadn’t been able to do just because of the stress and pressure we were under. We swam in the pools, snorkeled in the ocean, saw Mayan ruins and many other things too numerous to mention. We spoke about a lot of things and one thing that we all reminisced on was the fact that how our customers stood by us thick and thin. You folks are the greatest. I can only hope that we give to you as much you folks give us.